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Hi! I am Romain, a third-year business school student. I am full of good intentions and energy, always ready to share and debate on ideas. I stayed in San Francisco for a month to develop my digital skills and to discover the ecosystem of the Silicon Valley. I am currently studying at the University of California Riverside for 3 months to expand my knowledge and my business skills.

Get to know me

What needs to happen before electric cars can massively replace conventional cars?

As the topic is very important to me, I wrote a summary of a New York Time's article about the future of electric cars.

My best valuable work experience

I'm not new to the luxury car industry because I've been working as a salesman at Neubauer Jaguar Land Rover Paris for 3 months. I've learnt there how to deal with clients who have very high expectations. It was a challenging internship, but very rewarding in terms of skills. Indeed, it was a multi-tasking job. Not only I had to help the salesforce, but also I assisted the marketing director, and helped with the supplier's relations.


You can contact the head of sales M. Gérard Gonzalez who speaks only french, otherwise you can contact M. Fabrice Thominot who speaks english.


The dealership is the number one of the brand in Paris. For further information, please visit their website.

An incredible opportunity

I had the chance to work with amazing people who taught me a lot.